The State of Mania …

Hello to anyone reading this blog. The State of Mania blog site is going to be changing some, over this next few weeks. What I want to do is to incorporate more of the things in my life that I really enjoy and or passionate about. This is not to say that I wont’ be still harping on life, but now I am going to add some fun things, and also may have some guest writers that have experience in, … well whatever!!! So hang on, comment, and just plain talk to me….

5 thoughts on “The State of Mania …

  1. I would like to thank you for the efforts that you’ve placed in writing this website on state of mania | Living in the “State of Mania”. I am hoping to learn and potentially create the same high quality content in the future. As of right now, my current web site blogs about free car history. Do you mind checking it out and informing me about your thoughts about it?

    1. Thank you, sorry that I didn’t respond very quickly, but although having this blog for a while, I have yet to learn about the spam block and comments. But with comment like yours it inspires me to try and write more. Again Thank You

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