Thanks Brazil

Life in the State of Mania

I have a couple of post coming very soon, but as I sit here trying to get motivated to write, I have noticed something. My statistics are showing me that people from Brazil keep hitting my site and I just want to say THANKS!!! Very Cool and one day I would love to see your country….

Thanks again Brazil!!!

Out of Words …

Life in the State of Mania

If everybody thought before they spoke, the silence would be deafening.
~~ George Barzan~~

It has been a few days since I have written anything — anywhere. I wanted to try and write at least every other day but I have found that to be difficult. But as I watch other blogs it seems that they can write every day.

So what am I doing wrong ??? Well it is the television, yes it is the television. That damn thing forces me to sit in front of it every night for hours, and if I don’t  I will be in trouble. What kind of trouble will I be in? the kind of trouble that make me feel that I have missed something of importance and that would weigh on me heavily !!!

But the reality of this post is like the quote above — the silence — is — deafening, at least to me, and I do to much thinking …  It actually hurts some nights, not physically, but in my psyche, and that hurts me even more.

I guess it just takes time, hell I am only 54, I have all the time in the world …