Life in the State of Mania

I truly wanted to each day write something on this post that is meaningful, and filled with purpose. But that just isn’t always going to be the case, there are days that I just want to be pissy!!!

pissed off


These  days I wonder how far I should take my caring — caring for this, or that. With my predisposition for depression, I know that for a fact, that when I am  worrying about the external, it brings with it nothing but more problems. Is that not the meaning of Karma?, or it the Natural law of Causation?,  either way, when I allow it into my life, good or bad, it is me, who reaps the consequences. 

Om… Deep Breathe… Soham… Deep Breathe… Om… Deep Breathe…

And… I’m back… That was meditation for the keyboard, and truly — I do feel better!!!

But back to caring, it seems to me that it just isn’t worth it, and I should monitor only the real things in life that matter. The next couple of months are going to be very interesting, and I need to be focusing on those things that are, going to effect my way of life, everything else, I – need – to – just – Let Go. 

As for an ending to this Post, some poetic line of script — I don’t have one…


Cause and Effect

Life in the State of Mania

I was reading an article about “Facing your problems head on”, OUCH! Honestly I think the pain would be too much!  But then again if I would have faced some of my problems head on they wouldn’t be problems today. A great example would have been to have faced my Father, would that have been a major fix in my life – but, he is dead now, and I never spoke to him, well never face to face.

Cause and Effect the western theology for Karma a theology dating back thousands of years, in a simple thought I think of these 2 terms like this:

  • Do something – Good or Bad
    • Then
  • Get something back of equal or greater value – Good or Bad…

Ok wait – wait a minute; I just stepped on an ant? Now what?

dear-karmaIs this going to be like ripple effect of a rock thrown in to the middle of a pool, or the ripple effect from a tsunami? I’m not feeling so good about the whole Cause and Effect /slash Karma thing anymore!  Maybe a re-think is due at this point, about the things that I think, do and say.

So since I attached these 2 links below I guess that I need to cough up $5 to Wikipedia, since they seem to be having problems, and I do like that site.