Life in the State of Mania


OK, so I have off started to blog, at least I guess? I have — after using the WordPress Blogging site for over a year — started to learn how to use WordPress. EGADS!!! It is going to take other year to learn WordPress, then finding time to actually write again, I still haven’t figured out the English language yet… I purchase the book Problogger, written by Darren Rose and Chris Garrett, I hope it helps, also I have been reading from their site too. So if looks like this site is a useless site, hang on I’ll get back to being my old moody self shortly…


Life in the State of Mania

So I am sitting here, in a hotel, in Salt Lake City, being bored of course. Then I thought, lets check out the WordPress site, and unbelievably it is still being visited! The thing is there have been some major changes in my life since my last post. It is unbelievable that it has been over a year since I have posted, but I think it is time to start talking again. I appreciate those who have kept checking on me, and I will be back soon… SEE YA SOON!!!!