Movies, Reality, and Sex….

Life in the State of Mania

From here to EternityHow many of you, in your dreams see that sandy beach, and the waves lapping onto your body – and the body of your significant other; as you make love

NOT! In that case have you seen the picture of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr from the movie From here to Eternity? Supposedly this is one of the top romantic movie scenes of all time. But is it reality? Could it happen to you? The odds are better that you could to win a small lottery, but by only a few percent I’m sure.

popcornMovies put in to our heads the possibility of what sex could be in our daily life, and that; at some point, you and your partner could come together and become one flesh. Wow! – I’m all a quiver now, one flesh, one soul, a magical bond for that – perfect – moment. Then after every fight with your significant other, the perfect make up sex, and the next morning all is right with the world — again. The hope is; that in our real world we could have the happy endings that is scripted in to the movies that we go to every weekend. But it doesn’t happen that way, and that is why I don’t go to the movies every weekend unless some beautiful female vampire is killing people.

Now you’re saying; “This guy is just a disgruntled possessor of life”, maybe so; but for me there is nothing better than a movie that is a comedy, and the plot is a romantic love story, how ironic is that! I would take one of those movies over a shoot’em up movie any day. I crave, need, want romance, but cannot make it work in my life. So, am I disgruntled, or just dysfunctional?

heebie-jeebiesEither way; the desire for romance in my personal life spills over my working life, affecting me in undesirable ways. It is as if I had “Sex” written, and pulsating in neon on my forehead for all to see! EGADS!!!  The fact is that I work in an environment that is mostly women, my aura enters a room before I do, and you can see it in the expression on the faces of the women, Eww, it is him …” you literally see their skin crawl with the heebie-jeebies. I have to force myself to think of kittens, and puppies, and wipe the sexual tension off my sleeves, where I wear it.

elfIt is hard working as a professional with this going on, I have been reported to HR (Human Resources) 2 times for sexual harassment, both times were dismissed because of the fact that the comment made was deemed as not sexual, but that of a person who has not entered the twentieth century. So what does that say about me? It states that; although not dangerous; I might be an old pervert.

(my head shake disgustedly)

“Damn this isn’t good!”

(muttering to myself out-loud)

(A momentary reflective pause; the screenplay continues…)

BAMBI-AND-FALINEThe movies, yes, it is the movies that are to blame for bringing me to this low point in my life, it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t like shoot’em up movies. So how do I get control over my reality of sex, hmm …? Or should I say “Sexual reality” that in real life is never as good as the movies, Bambi had it better.

If I could adopt the notion of reality vs. movie reality, then I could move on with my life; thus “Transmuting my sexual desires into personal aspirations”, Napoleon Hill would be proud! But I am still left with how to fix this? I thought that with age my primal urges would subside, a natural neutering, so to speak, but this hasn’t happened — yet.

from-here-to-eternity-end-title-stillSo I guess, I will continue on, fighting with the earthly man, until my sexual drive diminishes; which I hope I have until I am dead!!!

(1 Corinthians 15:48)

What??? — The Mystery of Sex Transmutation??? (Musings 1)

Life in the State of Mania

Have you heard of writer named Napoleon Hill, and the book he wrote, “Think and Grow Rich” well you haven’t, it was first published in 1937. It is one of those so-called “Self Help” books based upon his work on The Law of Success. Actually not a bad read, but for me one chapter has always left me asking questions, and that chapter is, chapter 11: The Mystery of Sex Transmutation. Then as you can guess I am not the only one to question what Napoleon was trying to say, and there are as many answers as there are questions, and my question to this chapter is:

What does my sex life; have to do with prospering in my life?

That is a pretty simply stated theory of that chapter. But that is the goal of my writings on The Mystery of Sex Transmutation, and this site, is to put things in a simple perspective. So this is where my journey will begin, and I hope when I stop writing about sex transmutation that I; and maybe some of you will have a better understanding of the question of sex, and the good life

[Dan’s Musings 1]


The Ground Rules

Life in the State of Mania

Before I start with the following posts I want to lay out some ground rules. When I First started this blog I had two topics in mind, and they were;

  • My life.
  • My life, and the depression that I have labeled with.

So now as I am going to start these new postings I see the need for some pre-intervention because I am going to add one more subject to this list, and some of my email subscribers may not like what I’m going to say, and here it is;

  • Sex, and what it has to do with having a successful life.

Honestly I have a good idea about the first two topics, but the third one don’t, but I want too. So before I drop any bombs on the innocent eyes out there you may want to unsubscribe.
Next lets put out there a new definition on a old word, or slang word I’m sure, but here it is; OOPs, and here is my new definition; It is my Opinion, and my Observations, from my Perspective, on the situation… Otherwise noted as OOPs… But don’t give up the old usage just yet. So why you ask did I have to go that? Because always remember that my writings after all are OOPs’s. Well I hope those that do hang around enjoy what I am going to write.


Life in the State of Mania

stoptalkingLast week; my mind stopped me in mid-sentence, and told me to quit talking!!! I actually stammered; then abruptly stop speaking. What an odd situation I was in, how does that work? Is someone up there, in my head, monitoring my actions? If so where has that someone been the last – 55 – years? How convenient that would have been to have the other person in my head stop me before I said or did something stupid.

personality 2But honestly; I have often thought that there was more than just one person up there (in my head) but they were never useful before today. Sybil DID, and she knew how to use them; but no — not — me, they only become useful after years of just sitting back, and laughing at me. The interruption was very appropriately timed, so whoever it was, they did a good job.

This was annoying to me — this momentary, honesty from my mind, which actually help me through a simple conversation. Was someone also stating a fact? As in; hey you — you talk too much!!! If so, then this someone was finally stepping in; not laughing at me anymore; and just wanted me to stop.

ramblingThen today again at work — I was sitting in on a group interview of a person that was looking for a job in my department, and it became very clear to me that he was a talker. He would speak so much that he actually would loose himself in his own words, and forget the questions asked by the moderator. As I listen and stared at him, I thought to myself — Oh My God!!! — I talk like him…

annoyed 2It has become vexing to me that I do this, and with the reduction of Anti-Depressants in my daily life I have become self-aware of this problem… But I have yet to get  it under control, and still find myself rambling on —  I see it now in the faces of those that are force to be with me.

Now with that said, if you have noticed, I am Post Rambling, so I will stop here…