4 thoughts on “In the Beginning (a suicide story) Part 1

  1. Dan, I think you are very brave to take this on and be able to sort through situations in your life enough analyze and write about it. Writing is an incredible form of therapy of me too, and I envy your ability to create a place to do so, and beautifully, and find the time to write occasionally. I will look forward to hearing more. I’ve had an similar incident just this year in my own family. I’d love to discuss this with you more. Thanks! Laurie

    1. Thank you Laurie… It has taken awhile for me to put this into “any” words. After posting this post and letting it sit, I realized that I had split my thoughts on suicide here, and have been very disappointed in myself, but couldn’t take the post back. So part two is coming, with a re-write of sorts….

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