The Ground Rules

Life in the State of Mania

Before I start with the following posts I want to lay out some ground rules. When I First started this blog I had two topics in mind, and they were;

  • My life.
  • My life, and the depression that I have labeled with.

So now as I am going to start these new postings I see the need for some pre-intervention because I am going to add one more subject to this list, and some of my email subscribers may not like what I’m going to say, and here it is;

  • Sex, and what it has to do with having a successful life.

Honestly I have a good idea about the first two topics, but the third one don’t, but I want too. So before I drop any bombs on the innocent eyes out there you may want to unsubscribe.
Next lets put out there a new definition on a old word, or slang word I’m sure, but here it is; OOPs, and here is my new definition; It is my Opinion, and my Observations, from my Perspective, on the situation… Otherwise noted as OOPs… But don’t give up the old usage just yet. So why you ask did I have to go that? Because always remember that my writings after all are OOPs’s. Well I hope those that do hang around enjoy what I am going to write.

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