Life in the State of Mania

stoptalkingLast week; my mind stopped me in mid-sentence, and told me to quit talking!!! I actually stammered; then abruptly stop speaking. What an odd situation I was in, how does that work? Is someone up there, in my head, monitoring my actions? If so where has that someone been the last – 55 – years? How convenient that would have been to have the other person in my head stop me before I said or did something stupid.

personality 2But honestly; I have often thought that there was more than just one person up there (in my head) but they were never useful before today. Sybil DID, and she knew how to use them; but no — not — me, they only become useful after years of just sitting back, and laughing at me. The interruption was very appropriately timed, so whoever it was, they did a good job.

This was annoying to me — this momentary, honesty from my mind, which actually help me through a simple conversation. Was someone also stating a fact? As in; hey you — you talk too much!!! If so, then this someone was finally stepping in; not laughing at me anymore; and just wanted me to stop.

ramblingThen today again at work — I was sitting in on a group interview of a person that was looking for a job in my department, and it became very clear to me that he was a talker. He would speak so much that he actually would loose himself in his own words, and forget the questions asked by the moderator. As I listen and stared at him, I thought to myself — Oh My God!!! — I talk like him…

annoyed 2It has become vexing to me that I do this, and with the reduction of Anti-Depressants in my daily life I have become self-aware of this problem… But I have yet to get  it under control, and still find myself rambling on —  I see it now in the faces of those that are force to be with me.

Now with that said, if you have noticed, I am Post Rambling, so I will stop here…

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