Out of Words …

Life in the State of Mania

If everybody thought before they spoke, the silence would be deafening.
~~ George Barzan~~

It has been a few days since I have written anything — anywhere. I wanted to try and write at least every other day but I have found that to be difficult. But as I watch other blogs it seems that they can write every day.

So what am I doing wrong ??? Well it is the television, yes it is the television. That damn thing forces me to sit in front of it every night for hours, and if I don’t  I will be in trouble. What kind of trouble will I be in? the kind of trouble that make me feel that I have missed something of importance and that would weigh on me heavily !!!

But the reality of this post is like the quote above — the silence — is — deafening, at least to me, and I do to much thinking …  It actually hurts some nights, not physically, but in my psyche, and that hurts me even more.

I guess it just takes time, hell I am only 54, I have all the time in the world …

3 thoughts on “Out of Words …

  1. Sometimes it’s just not in you to write. And that’s ok.

    The only thing I would ask yourself is whether you are not writing because you don’t know what to write about/don’t have anything in particular to say, or whether you are actively avoiding writing because there’s something bothering you that you don’t want to think about/deal with.

    A lot of times when I find myself going a while without writing I realize later it is because there was something bothering me that I was subconsciously ignoring.

    It is at those times that the silence is deafening to me.

    1. Have you ever sucked it up and actually wrote something that may hurt someone that is alive? You may be right when you say that I am avoided the writing because I will have to deal with it. Your right again I am a 54 years old and afraid of my shadow. The not doing it screams at me until I want to hold my head in my hands and scream out loud myself.

      1. I can’t answer that honestly because I write completely anonymously… no one I know besides K knows I am blogging, and I think he isn’t reading out of courtesy.

        Maybe you could try writing, just for yourself, and then sit on it for a week and do absolutely nothing with it? Then at least you’ve written it and you’ve admitted out loud, to yourself, how you feel but you don’t have to act on anything until you’re ready?

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