The Psychologist

Life in the State of Mania

Today I went to my Psychologist, (therapy ongoing, 30 years) yes “My Psychologist”. It was decided that I must write a letter to my father, my dead father. It is thought in some cultures that reconciliation can still be achieve with a written letter even though the addressee does not have a physical address.

So over the next few days or weeks, that is my intention to write an letter that will forever change the rest of my life, sounds easy. How does a person put into words, feelings that he was never able to express before, when the said father was alive?

If I write a cordial letter will that help? Or am I to let it all hang out use the words that I felt — feel? Is this possible, or is this a test in futility? How ironic! The word “futility” this would be the word that my father would use to describe me, ineffectiveness, uselessness and trifle.

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3 thoughts on “The Psychologist

  1. You need to write a letter of how you feel and what you would want to tell you’re dad do not hold back, write out everything when you have finished writing everything out and you have gotten all the emotion out light the papers on fire and watch it burn. Let it set you free and be done with it.

  2. Write like you know. The words and emotions expressed are your experiences, but you are inspiring others to fight back on abuse and help others not to be quit about it anymore. Thanks for laying it out on the line

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